I’ve been fiddling around with learning to program for about a year now. I’ve worked played around with MIT Open CourseWare and it’s offspring, the edX 6.00x course. I’ve gone to Women Who Hack hack days, briefly glanced at Codecademy, attended an Intro to Web Development weekend-long bootcamp, joined Code Scouts, and played with Team Treehouse. But until now, it’s always been on-and-off. I’d go weeks at a time never talking about or touching anything related to programming. I’d work diligently for a while, then give up in distraction or despair. Now, I’ve gotten to the tipping point. It’s put up or shut up time.

So, in order to both keep myself accountable, and to record my journey from noob to (hopefully!) fully-fledged programmer, I’m writing this blog. I’ll be keeping track of what I’m learning [UPDATE: like my Totally Informal Command Dictionary!], what resources I’m using to do so, and my running total hack time from this point forward. This is primarily a resource for me, but feel free to follow along. Maybe you’ll find inspiration (or at least commiseration!) along with me!