This week has been quite the whirlwind!

Monday was my first class with Portland Code School for their Ruby on Rails class. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other, since the plan is to spend the next three months eating, sleeping, and coding together. We talked about the tech experience (or lack thereof) we each have, and discussed the structure of the class to follow. As I feared, I’m the only woman in the class, and possibly the only queer person (though that’s much harder to determine). Overall, our class of seven is somewhat more diverse and somewhat less privileged than I expected, so I actually think it won’t be a barrier.

Tuesday we were asked to attend the Portland Ruby Brigade meeting, which was not my first time to their events, but was my first time attending one of the sessions featuring speakers. Overall, I liked the first speaker, Markus, the best. It’s hard to even describe the topic of his talk, since he seems to integrate his thoughts across multiple topics quite deeply. Overall, he was discussing this forum post. Definitely worth a read.

The second talk was honestly quite over my head, and I didn’t really have a framework yet for relating to it. Talking with others afterward, though, I discovered I definitely wasn’t the only one who felt a bit lost. Not to say the speakers weren’t engaging or funny or smart. They just had a target audience that didn’t happen to include me.

The last speaker was talking about different models of inheritance, and it was actually quite interesting. I’ll have to do some research at some point.

Wednesday was class number two, and we covered web applications, how the web works, the model view controller structure, and a bit of standards based development.

Thursday I went to the Green Mercury hack night, and proceeded to spend most of my time there fixing things I had broken on my own system. I was trying to customize my bash prompt in iTerm, and I managed to overwrite the contents of the file (which I was using as a source) with the contents of my .bash_profile. Which resulted in an infinite loop, locking me completely out of bash. Which, by the way, makes it somewhat difficult to access your hidden files. Eventually, with massive amounts of help from Erin, we were able to use zsh to get into the files and change them in order to break the loop.

After that, I discovered that the link between my local Green Mercury repo and my remote was somehow severed, and had to spend a bit troubleshooting that. Then I made the brilliant move of deleting a file both through Github’s web interface, and also on my local branch and had to once again ask Erin to rescue me. Ultimately, I learned about git reset, my reflog, cherry picking, and how exactly git structures and conceptualizes branches, so ultimately it wasn’t so bad.

Between working and code related activities, I was outside my house at least fifteen hours each day this week, and I was glad we didn’t have anything planned for Friday! This weekend, I’ll spend a lot of time working on getting up to speed on all my homework, and hopefully getting a workspace set up for myself at home. This coding/learning while in bed thing doesn’t work for me. All in all, though, I can’t wait until class on Monday!