Running total hack time: 4 hours

Topics: OS X, Git, version control

Resources: Playing around with settings, Getting Started with Version Control and Git

Today was my first day really playing around with my new 2009 MacBook Pro. And I have to say, it has some pros and cons.
Most of the developers I know use OS X, and tout its benefits consistently. I’ve often had gentle fun poked at my Windows machine. I gotta say, though. Ya’ll. Macs don’t make that much more sense than Windows. You’re just used to them.
Can we talk about applications for a second? Why in the world does it make sense to download a .dmg file, drag it to applications, open a .pkg, then do some other fancy stuff to install things? Then, unmount the “drive” that it creates when you do all that? What? Sorry, but Windows, with its download-.exe-file-then-setup-wizard has definitely got this beat for ease of use. And don’t get me started on downloading browser plugins. I’m still not sure I’ve accomplished that correctly.
Also, file system. Finder is the strangest, wonkiest thing I’ve used in a while. It is not at ALL intuitive. The “All Files” view sorts things by some arbitrary type value to put into categories that don’t make much sense to me.

Gestures are pretty cool. I’m definitely loving the multiple workspaces, the two finger scrolling, zooming out with three fingers, etc. And the dock is not awful now that I’ve figured out how to make it hide automatically and moved it to the side of the screen. We’ll see how much of my irritation at feeling like it’s necessary to switch to OS X persists as I get used to it.

EDIT: Check out my update on getting used to my Mac!