I haven’t announced it here until now, but recently I was hired at a startup called:



We make a data logger that connects to our cloud aggregation service. We’re doing everything from making custom boards to embedded programming to data cleaning, all with a web-based Rails GUI on top. I’m three weeks in, and absolutely loving both the work and my coworkers!

Currently, I’m working on the Rails app, so I’m using Ruby daily, which is awesome. And because our software team is small and the app is young, I’m living the dream of helping to establish code conventions and working mostly on greenfield problems. And when I’m not feeling like working on Rails for a bit, there’s plenty of room for me to learn more anything about embedded programming and hardware.

Here’s where I work:

Why yes, that is an arctic exploration pod. Why do you ask?

I’ve blogged about code here before, and will continue to on occasion, but I often put off blogging because I feel like I don’t have something ‘big enough’ to say. Simultaneously, I’ve been feeling the need to catalog some of the things I’ve learned, and some of the silly things I’ve done, in the hopes that my pain can help someone else avoid headaches in the future.

So, I’ve decided to launch a Tumblr specifically for small snippets and quick tips that junior devs may find helpful. Tumblr just feels like a more natural place for something intended to be short form. Junior Dev Lessons posts will crosspost here, on their own page. If you want to follow those tips on Tumblr, you can go to junior-dev-lessons.tumblr.com.

If you want to share junior dev lessons you’ve learned the hard way, contact me and I’ll post them, too! Maybe we’ll save some other junior devs some headaches along the way.